Persantine/Thallium Test. This test is used to evaluate the blood flow to your heart at rest and with an increased heart rate. It will help the doctor to deternine if the arteries around the heart are narrow and if the flow of blood to your heart is reduced.

It combines the use of an isotope (Thallium) and a medication (Persantine). This medicine causes slight changes in your heart rate and blood pressure as in a regular stress test. The isotope is used to image the heart.

The Preparation

1. Do not eat or drink anything that contains caffeine for at least four hours before the test. You may eat something light up to one hour before the test such as toast or juice.

2. If you are a smoker DO NOT smoke within four hours of the test.

3. Come to the hospital Patient Registration Desk 15 minutes before your test is scheduled.

4. Check with your doctor regarding your medication schedule. You may be asked to stop or change your schedule prior to this test.

5. You will be asked to sign a consent form before the test.

6. If you are claustrophobic or uncomfortable in closed places, you need to discuss this with your doctor prior to the test.

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